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Cyber Security

With a precedent annual increase of 25% in security breaches; cyber terrorism and cyber espionage are posing the biggest threats to the digital assets of a corporation. The increase in financial loss due to cyber warfare is growing annually at 18%. Enterprises have failed to protect their data with in-house security teams, which turns Data Security & Compliance as-a-Service into a necessity.

We at MK Cyber Services use robust proprietary solutions to ensure that Data Security and Compliance paradigms are implemented efficiently. By delivering compliance accuracy efficiently and timely, we protect your data against cyber warfare throughout the year.

Our Services

Customized and Comprehensive for your needs

Cyber Security Consulting

Keeping the compliant needs as a priority, we assist corporations at every step to acquire efficient implementation and timely upgrade. While we are helping companies with Data Security & Compliance Services, our backend team is ensuring that our quality is not compromised.
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Awareness & Training

With Awareness & Training programs, we aim to usher business entities into the habit of following the best cyber security practices. Simply by introducing enterprises to the vulnerabilities and the security measures, we are turning lethal threats redundant.
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Managed Security Services

Owing to the financial constraints and other norms, not all organizations can have in-house security experts. We at MattsenKumar Cyber Services are bridging the gap between corporates and their cyber security experts need with our managed security services.
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Industries we Serve

The data breach is one of the most common threats faced by many enterprises. While delivering optimum quality services remains the core focus area of every corporate, there is now an additional demand to ensure 100 percent security of the customer data and personal information. No matter their industry or sector, data security continues to stay their topmost priority.
For many corporates, upholding customers’ data privacy and security is a difficult task. Therefore, to ensure that there is no risk of a data breach, they prefer to hand it over to a reliable outsourcing partner who can do it for them. And, we at MattsenKumar Cyber Services are the proud partners for many of them.


We allow Financial Enterprises to work under a secure bracket and stay in compliance with varied policies simultaneously. With varied quality software packages, we monitor, identify and remove threats and allow data to flow smoothly without any unauthorized access.


With abundant customer data available to safeguard retail sector companies face cyber-threats like no other. We provide clients and corporations with the requisite security ensuring no data breach or theft.


We rely on epitome paradigms and tools of cyber security to help companies comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and let them hold credit card details of innumerable customers.


Managing huge databases and protecting them against potential threat requires the implementation of stringent cyber security paradigms. We specialize in catering huge industries with the desired support and protection using state-of-the-art technologies.


We are working in close relations with varied Communication Service Providers to help enterprises keep confidential data safe. We also cater to other needs of CSPs like threat monitoring and neutralizing them.


Safeguarding insurance-related information is the primary task for any healthcare entity, with our Cyber Services, we are ushering them into an era of safe computing. Protecting sensitive data and restricting unauthorized access are our USPs.

Why MK Cyber Services?

  • Amplified Security
  • Minimized Costs
  • Enhanced Trust
  • Experienced Team

Amplified Security

Staying compliant with security standards helps in improving the security of corporate data. Corporations collect data from varied sources and club them together to make a decision or run their business. We ensure that data is coming from the secure channel and is available for access only by trusted entities and authorized personnel.
We rely on a unique set of paradigms and modus-operandi to ensure all channels are secure and in compliance with security standards.

Minimized Costs

An improved level of security attained by staying compliant with the industry standards also helps in reducing the overall cost to the company. For instance, a higher security level prevents a data breach that is generally a significant factor leading to an unnecessary loss to the company in the form of repair and legal fees, damage costs and other related fines.
Team up with our experts and you are all set to bid adieu to these unnecessary costs and expenses.

Enhanced Trust

We focus on staying compliant with the security standards set by the varied industry entities. Ensuring this makes it easier for us to gain the trust and confidence of the businesses that are also our clients.
We understand the significance of staying compliant to the predefined industry standards. While disobeying those are likely to spoil their entire brand reputation, staying compliant with these standards are sure to reflect positively on their brand image.

Experienced Team

At MK Cyber Services, we are a team of industry experts and thought leaders who are committed to providing clients with affordable compliance services and complete protection against unauthorized access.
The team works in a to and fro manner ensuring proper compliance at both the ends. The team looks around the latest development and works on its acquisition to provide clients with a timely upgrade and all-around compliance with all security standards.

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