Expert Cyber Security Professionals at Your Service

We at MattsenKumar Cyber Services are thought leaders and industry experts in cybersecurity. By leveraging tools, training, certification, and compliances, we are bridging the gap between corporations and safe cyber practices. 

With every business entity finding its data and information assets vulnerable, we work to ease the tension by helping corporations acquire the requisite information security, compliances and certifications by deploying right processes and practices. Our Awareness and Training programs are designed to empower corporations’ employee with the relevant knowledge and practices to identify and eliminate threats.

With 20 years of experience in customer service, MattsenKumar Services Private Limited now introduces MattsenKumar Cyber Services Pvt. Ltd. to help corporations fight and prevent cyber-attacks and threats as they occur. Designed to cater corporations with client-centric services, our cyber services team ensures safety and compliance at both the ends.

Be it PCI QSA certification, ISO 27001 certification or GDPR compliance, our team will study your corporation intricately and then devise a plan to help you build a system that is secure, compliant and is ready for handling future attacks. 


The Key Differentiators

We continue to be in demand because of the notable characteristics and primitive benefits we offer.
Comprehensive Offerings
From initiating checks, managing disasters, discovering unsecure routes to establishing compliances.
Experienced Team
Industry Veterans moderating implementation and management of safe cyber practices.
Flexibility to Manage Diverse Requirements
From catering remote locations to provisioning service up-scale to suit the client requirements.
Innovative & Cost-Effective
Ensuring reliance on innovation to keep the cost relevant.
Commitment & Client Satisfaction
Integrated services offer unparalleled protection allowing us to fulfill commitments and uphold client satisfaction.

Our Mission

We at MK Cyber Services are on a mission to introduce services and training programs with the motive to provide corporations affordable, up to date and robust security against cyber threats. We want to turn corporations into workplaces where employees follow secure coding practice religiously.

Our Values

We strive to deliver quality without compromising on values that defines us.
Client’s security is of the utmost importance to us. While we help corporations with compliance, we ensure that we are into compliance as well, ensuring proper Integrity from our end.
By introducing Managed Security Services we have relied on Innovation big time. By making Innovation our primary focus we are introducing corporations to the technologies of tomorrow.
New Insights
Our Managed Security Services are designed to identify threats and inform security centers about the development to neutralize it. Such products are helping corporations acquire important insights in real-time.
Quality Guaranteed
Catering to clients from around the globe, our team guarantees quality like no other.
Customer First
By putting our customers’ need before our benefit, we are setting an example our contemporaries will follow too.

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