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About MK Cyber Services

MK Cyber Services

Your Trusted Partner For A Completely Secure IT Environment

With a 67% increase in security breaches from 2014, organizations irrespective of their size and industry, are facing this universal threat. A cybersecurity incident can not only bring in huge financial losses for organizations but also can put their customers at risk while tampering their hard-earned reputation. It has been observed that with the looming internal and external threats, most of the organizations lack the right manpower and funds to safeguard their IT assets.

With over 15 years of experience in transforming customer experience, MattsenKumar LLC launched MK Cyber Services to help organizations tackle their cybersecurity challenges. Our team is a group of certified experts and thought leaders bringing vast experience in handling complex cybersecurity challenges for organizations across the globe. Our team is comprised of specialists certified in major compliance standards like ISO 27001, CISA, PCI QSA, CEH, etc.

The Preferred PCI QSA Company for leading organizations today

We are a PCI QSA company accredited by the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council with offices in Oregon, USA, and Gurugram, India. Since inception, we have helped some of the leading organizations to safeguard their IT assets from external and internal threats.

Our Differentiators

Comprehensive Offerings

We support organizations to build cyber resilience leveraging our wide range of services to disseminate internal and external threats.

Experienced Team

Our team brings in a combined experience of more than 45 years working across industries like BPO, KPO, IT & ITES and Retail.

Innovative & Cost-Effective

We have developed cybersecurity frameworks and methodologies which help us support our clients’ in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

Excellence Guaranteed

Our team works with our clients not as a service provider; but as a partner whom they can trust for excellence. Whether it is becoming compliant or building a solid defense mechanism or leveraging our managed security services, our clients are delivered solutions that are designed around their business goals. Our team not only helps our clients to mitigate the effects of breaches but be upgraded for future incidents.

Our team can function as your extended team for cybersecurity who guards your IT assets round the clock. Our assessments and testing methodologies can help your organization stay guarded against external and internal cyber threats. We also help businesses to develop continuity programs which ensures their uninterrupted functioning.

We help organizations align their cybersecurity program with their business objectives and improve their cyber resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. Our managed security services help our clients safeguard their IT environment round the clock without investing heavily in manpower & tools.

Our team has developed methodologies for finding loopholes in existing infrastructure, build the integrity by necessary compliances and make them prepared for future threats.

We work with ITES & BPO organizations and help them be compliant with standards like PCI, ISO, and HIPAA.

Our team works as a partner with our clients for building solid cybersecurity models that help them strengthen their cyber resilience.

Managed Security Services

Our 24/7 proactive monitoring of your IT networks keep your assets safe and be prepared for future threats.

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