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Awareness & Training

As an expert in the cybersecurity domain, we help our clients in gaining the best understanding of threats to the cyber information. We make sure that they understand the vulnerability of their data and hence, the need for implementing best security measures. Divided into different modules, the training course has been designed keeping in mind the best security measures that are to be taken and how.

PCI DSS Implementation Training and Certification

We at MattsenKumar Cyber Services are committed to helping our clients acquire proper implementation of PCI DSS. While the implementation runs smoothly safeguarding the credit card details, we also train your in-house cyber experts. With our implementation and training program, corporations can move towards all-round security.
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Risk Assessment Training and Workshop

Our in-house team of industry leaders will train your in-house team in risk assessment. Through workshops and one-to-one sessions, we aim to help corporates have an in-house team that is efficient and quick at finding faults and concealing them. Our workshops aim to add knowledge about the latest developments in the industry.
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ISO 27001 Implementation Training

Corporations have been relying on external parties for acquiring ISO 27001 Certification, which is now a compulsion. With our ISO 27001 Implementation Training, we are ushering companies in the era of self-correction. Enterprises will now be able to ensure that all their patterns and paradigms are functioning within the specified standard limits.
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Infosec Awareness Sessions

Aimed at educating businesses about the impending dooms, Infosec Awareness Sessions are very popular. Such sessions highlight the upcoming challenges and also suggest an alternative roadmap. With the corrective measures taking maximum space, Infosec Awareness Session is a must for enterprises. Missing onto the latest development can push open organizations to the risk of data theft and unauthorized access.
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Secured Coding Practice

As an Industry Leader, MattsenKumar Cyber Services pushes secure coding practice to become a status quo. Exercising secure coding practice eliminates the chances of inclusion of malware in codes and promotes efficiency. When adopted intricately, secure coding practice can bring down the cost of code maintenance. In Secure Coding Practice sessions, the in-house team gets trained by the thought leaders of the industry.
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Business Continuity Management Workshop

To keep the business up and running when external malware attacks are one of the main objectives of this workshop. Business continuity management workshop focuses on practices and paradigms that can help organizations sustain external attacks and disasters. Trainees can learn to identify external attack and disaster in these business continuity workshops.
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