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Business Continuity Management Workshop

Business Continuity Management Workshop

Cyberattack threats are a serious concern for every modern organization due to the huge impact a single incident can have on their reputation and finances. This has forced every enterprise to stay as prepared as possible for nullifying such attacks. Business Continuity Planning is one of the exercises which every organization is engaging in to ensure their operations run smoothly even during any adverse events. These adverse events not only include cyber attacks but also any natural disasters like floods etc.

Training workforce on Business Continuity Management is critical for the effectiveness of such programs for organizations. Our training programs will help your employees to get acquainted with the fundamentals of Business Continuity Management and also understand the critical factors to keep in mind. Our hands-on approach will also introuduce them to the activities such as documenting the plan, executing it, incident management and reporting.

Our training will help your team members to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of Business Continuity Management
  • Get hands-on experience on plan preparation, execution and factors to consider
  • Familiarize themselves with incident response management and reporting
  • Get exposed to real life examples and learn the remediation
  • Learn documentation and the various standards in play

And more…


Benefits of Working With Us

Experienced Trainers

Our team includes experts who have worked in the Business Continuity domain for more than 2 decades with leading organizations.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our training programs are designed to cover Business Continuity Planning processes and implementation extensively.

Cross- Industry Exposure

Our trainers bring with them vast experience of working across industries for various leading enterprises from across the globe.

Tailored Modules

Our modules are designed and delivered as per our client organization’s needs and the specific challenges they face.

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