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Secure Coding Practices Training

Secure Coding Practices Training

Cybersecurity has jumped up in ranks in the list of top priorities for every organization over the past few years. With the average cost of a data breach approaching $3.92 million in 2019, every enterprise today is safeguarding their important assets and IT networks by investing in state of the art technologies. It has been observed that one of the most vulnerable entry points for hackers is platforms these organizations employ like their servers, mobile and web applications and mobile devices.

Ensuring the security of your applications will require your internal teams to get a grasp on secure coding practices. Our secure coding training program helps organizations to get their team members to understand the key concepts and the latest threats they should be aware of. They will also be exposed to the common coding mistakes to avoid so that their applications can be secure. Our programs also cover common web application threats like DDoS, SQL injection, XSS, etc.

Our training will help your team members to:

  • Understand the common attack vectors aiming your organization’s applications
  • Learn the best practices of secure coding to safeguard the applications
  • Get hands-on experience with real hacking tools which exploits vulnerabilities
  • Implement the right controls to ensure the security of the applications

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Benefits of Working With Us

Strong Experience

Our trainers are professionals who bring a vast experience of working with some of the leading organizations across the globe.

Exposure to Real Case Studies

Our programs will expose your workforce to the real world examples of threats and vulnerabilities to your network and applications.

Customized Modules

Our training programs are deisgned based on the security needs of your organization and the industry you are part of.

Hands-on Exposure

Attendees are exposed to hands-on experience of hacks and security measures that can mitigate their impact on your applications.

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