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05 Mar
PCI QSA Company in India
How, What, and Why of a PCI QSA Company 
Category: PCI DSS
Industry veterans identify PCI DSS certification as one solution for multiple problems. This unique compliance helps organizations fight threats at varied fronts. The 12 command...
01 Feb
5 Vulnerabilities SMBs need to Focus on & their Solution
Category: Cyber Security
Instruments like ransomware insurance and managed security services are ensuring that organizations are provided with the required protection as well as with damage control faci...
20 Jan
Cybersecurity Checklist for SMBs to Follow in 2021
Category: Cyber Security
For many enterprises, 2020 was a disaster but for those who have survived, it was a learning experience. 2020 explained the importance of having an effective business continuity...
31 Dec
managed security services
Managed Security Services- 10 Amazing Benefits for Your Organization
Category: Uncategorized
The contemporary world has battled the impact of COVID-19 and increased cyberattacks quite immaculately. Going forward the challenges are going to increase by folds but the reso...
24 Dec
PCI DSS – A Beginner’s Guide to Levels and Requirements
Category: PCI DSS
PCI DSS Levels are applicable on the basis of transactions carried out by organizations in a calendar year..
16 Dec
10 Actionable Tips for Safeguarding Organization from Cyberattacks in Digital World
Category: Uncategorized
In 2014, hackers acquired root access to JP Morgan Chase’s database and stole important information like name, address, and card details. The data breach impacted over 76 Millio...
11 Dec
cybersecurity for financial services
Top 5 Cybersecurity Priorities For Financial Services Companies
Category: Uncategorized
Increasing customer awareness, growing economy, and the popularity of Internet-based services are fuelling the growth of NBFCs. Online payments have grown vastly and now over 2....
22 Oct
cybersecurity training
Cybersecurity Training – Importance, Types, Impact
Category: Cyber Security
Industry veterans agree with the fact that no matter how robust the IT infrastructure is if it is not accountable then it will eventually come down. Attacks are successful only ...
16 Oct
cybersecurity threats
Top Cybersecurity Threats for Organizations and Their Solutions
Category: Cyber Security
An Economic Times report reveals over 9000 coronavirus themed ransomware and phishing attacks were launched alone in India between February and May. For the global landscape, th...
18 Aug
fraud detection
The Quick Guide to Fraud Detection & PCI Compliance
Category: PCI DSS
Payment Card Industry Council is committed to ensuring a hundred percent safety of cardholders’ data. To achieve a higher level of effectiveness, the council continuously upgrad...
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