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22 Oct
cybersecurity training
Cybersecurity Training – Importance, Types, Impact
Category: Cyber Security
Industry veterans agree with the fact that no matter how robust the IT infrastructure is if it is not accountable then it will eventually come down. Attacks are successful only ...
16 Oct
cybersecurity threats
Top Cybersecurity Threats for Organizations and Their Solutions
Category: Cyber Security
An Economic Times report reveals over 9000 coronavirus themed ransomware and phishing attacks were launched alone in India between February and May. For the global landscape, th...
18 Aug
fraud detection
The Quick Guide to Fraud Detection & PCI Compliance
Category: PCI DSS
Payment Card Industry Council is committed to ensuring a hundred percent safety of cardholders’ data. To achieve a higher level of effectiveness, the council continuously upgrad...
29 Jul
Secure Coding Practices – Why is it Important for Your Organization?
Category: Cyber Security
The importance of secure coding practices is best understood when misconfigurations lead to breaches that cost billions minor. Uber, Quora, Yahoo, and eBay have suffered because...
15 Jul
The Importance of VAPT in An Organization’s Overall Security
Category: Uncategorized
An ideal IT environment is made up of state-of-the-art hardware working under a safer blanket provided built by requisite compliances. Fulfilling compliance requirements and adh...
06 Jul
Cybersecurity Threats for Organizations during COVID19
Category: Cyber Security
Novel Coronavirus has coaxed the global healthcare system into an unbearable strain. Since there’s no proven cure for COVID-19, the healthcare industry was expecting an incompar...
27 Jun
CISO Challenges
Challenges Faced By Every CISO Today
Category: Cyber Security
A recent study reveals that COVID has ushered traditional businesses towards tech adoption. The global pandemic rendered all traditional workplaces useless and established work ...
18 Jun
BCP: Critical Steps Involved in Securing Organizations
Category: Uncategorized
Need for Business Continuity Planning A comprehensive Business Continuity Plan not only safeguards a company from going bust but also saves a startling amount of time and money....
11 Jun
vapt yu
VAPT – Top Questions Answered for Better Decision Making
Category: Penetration Testing, Vulnerabilit...
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing protects organizations against all attempts of internal sabotage or unauthorized access. By traversing every integration, entran...
08 Jun
Vulnerabilities and Challenges that VAPT can Expose
Category: Vulnerability Assessment
A miniature misconfiguration is good enough to bring a stalwart business down as it happened with Yahoo, which led to a loss of $350 million in valuation. Server errors, attempt...
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