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24 Dec
Cybersecurity Trends every CISO should know about
Category: Cyber Security
It might sound alarming but it is the truth. Our every step towards technological advancement is taking us a step closer to a cyber catastrophe. Earlier government and financial...
19 Dec
Cyber Security in BFSI- Challenges & Solutions
Category: Cyber Security
Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector have aggressively transformed themselves and leveraged technology to suit the needs of evolving customers. While technological ...
04 Dec
BCP & DR 101: How Prepared is Your Organization?
Category: BCP & DR
What is Business Continuity Planning? Earlier business continuity plan were-a-nice to have literature. The sophisticated document helped organizations portray their preparedness...
27 Nov
Your One Stop Guide to Penetration Testing
Category: Penetration Testing
Unsanctioned access to organizational digital assets can jeopardize the growth opportunities and hamper brand reputation. Such illicit entry into the system is only possible thr...
07 Nov
PCI DSS: A Necessary Evil for Fintech Companies?
Category: PCI DSS
 A study by Singularity University reveals “About 46% of today’s consumers use digital channels exclusively for their banking”. Another study by Capgemini highlights “half ...
24 Oct
An Introduction to Information Security Risk Assessment
Category: ISRA
It makes sense to invest in risk assessment because hackers are incessantly assessing your cyber assets for vulnerabilities. Businesses have often overlooked the benefits of Inf...
18 Oct
Vulnerability Assessment: Everything You Should Know About
Category: Vulnerability Assessment
In 2014, hackers acquired root access to JP Morgan Chase’s database and stole important information like name, address and card details. The data breach impacted over 76 Million...
14 Oct
The Definitive Guide to PCI DSS Compliance
Category: PCI DSS
Every month, a major organization suffers a breach, customers seethe, media outrages, regulators impose substantial fines and we forget about it until a bigger breach occurs, th...
19 Sep
What are Managed Security Services & How it Benefits Your Organization?
Category: Data Security
Tech giants like Yahoo, Facebook and Quora have suffered at the hands of hackers. Hacking groups from Russia, China, Japan, and even the USA are continuously trying nasty tricks...
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