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29 Jul
Secure Coding Practices – Why is it Important for Your Organization?
Category: Cyber Security
The importance of secure coding practices is best understood when misconfigurations lead to breaches that cost billions minor. Uber, Quora, Yahoo, and eBay have suffered because...
06 Jul
Cybersecurity Threats for Organizations during COVID19
Category: Cyber Security
Novel Coronavirus has coaxed the global healthcare system into an unbearable strain. Since there’s no proven cure for COVID-19, the healthcare industry was expecting an incompar...
27 Jun
CISO Challenges
Challenges Faced By Every CISO Today
Category: Cyber Security
A recent study reveals that COVID has ushered traditional businesses towards tech adoption. The global pandemic rendered all traditional workplaces useless and established work ...
18 May
Cyber Security for Business Process Outsourcing Companies
Category: Cyber Security
Contrary to the perception that developed after the debacle of 2015, the BPO industry has continued to grow. In 2015, the valuation of the BPO industry dropped to $88.9 billion ...
11 May
An Illustrated Guide for Building a Secure IT Environment
Category: Cyber Security
IT industry is a cluster of organizations that started from garages. Today these organizations are an integral part of our day to day lives. IT industry works behind the curtain...
31 Jan
Cybersecurity in E-commerce : The Key Certifications & Compliance
Category: Cyber Security
In January 2019, Google was fined €50 million for failing GDPR Compliance. French data protection watchdog, CNIL exercised power within its purview to fine Google for compliance...
24 Dec
Cybersecurity Trends every CISO should know about
Category: Cyber Security
It might sound alarming but it is the truth. Our every step towards technological advancement is taking us a step closer to a cyber catastrophe. Earlier government and financial...
19 Dec
Cyber Security in BFSI- Challenges & Solutions
Category: Cyber Security
Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector have aggressively transformed themselves and leveraged technology to suit the needs of evolving customers. While technological ...
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