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18 Aug
fraud detection
The Quick Guide to Fraud Detection & PCI Compliance
Category: PCI DSS
Payment Card Industry Council is committed to ensuring a hundred percent safety of cardholders’ data. To achieve a higher level of effectiveness, the council continuously upgrad...
20 Apr
Statistics that Makes PCI DSS a Priority for Fintech Leaders
Category: PCI DSS
According to a study, over 250 Fintech firms have received $53 billion in funding. The list includes of nascent start-ups with seed fund and well-funded unicorns. Fintech&#...
11 Mar
PCI DSS: 5 Latest Developments You Should Be Aware Of
Category: PCI DSS
PCI Security Standard Council has made incessant efforts to ensure that app-based payment companies are functioning within the safety blanket. Continuous ignorance from Fintech ...
24 Feb
PCI QSA: How Organizations Can Select The Right One For PCI DSS Certification
Category: PCI DSS
A report reveals by 2022, mobile transactions are projected to grow by 121%, eventually composing 88% of all banking transactions. With network penetration increasing in India a...
14 Feb
PCI DSS Compliance – Every Question Answered for You
Category: PCI DSS
In the biggest Fintech markets like India, China, and the USA, the adoption rate of online payment rose from 16% in 2015 to 60% in 2019. With an increment of almost 100% every t...
20 Jan
Preparing for PCI DSS Certification? Things to know!
Category: PCI DSS
Anyone who says PCI DSS Certification is expensive must understand that the average cost of the data breach has risen to $3.92 million. Ignorance is perhaps the biggest reason b...
07 Nov
PCI DSS: A Necessary Evil for Fintech Companies?
Category: PCI DSS
 A study by Singularity University reveals “About 46% of today’s consumers use digital channels exclusively for their banking”. Another study by Capgemini highlights “half ...
14 Oct
The Definitive Guide to PCI DSS Compliance
Category: PCI DSS
Every month, a major organization suffers a breach, customers seethe, media outrages, regulators impose substantial fines and we forget about it until a bigger breach occurs, th...
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