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Vulnerability Assessment

11 Jun
vapt yu
VAPT – Top Questions Answered for Better Decision Making
Category: Penetration Testing, Vulnerabilit...
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing protects organizations against all attempts of internal sabotage or unauthorized access. By traversing every integration, entran...
08 Jun
Vulnerabilities and Challenges that VAPT can Expose
Category: Vulnerability Assessment
A miniature misconfiguration is good enough to bring a stalwart business down as it happened with Yahoo, which led to a loss of $350 million in valuation. Server errors, attempt...
10 Apr
VAPT: Why investing in the same is Critical for Every Organization?
Category: Vulnerability Assessment
Database misconfiguration, open ports on the network and internal attempts of impairment are the cause of 75% of data breaches and cyber-attacks. In 2020, the cost of a data bre...
26 Mar
Top VAPT Tools for Enhanced Cyber Security
Category: Vulnerability Assessment
In 2017, Firebase’s database had over 2000 misconfigurations that led to the exposure of 113 GB of data. Following the debacle, over 2.7 million apps were scanned for misconfigu...
18 Oct
Vulnerability Assessment: Everything You Should Know About
Category: Vulnerability Assessment
In 2014, hackers acquired root access to JP Morgan Chase’s database and stole important information like name, address and card details. The data breach impacted over 76 Million...
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