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Cyber Security Consulting

We assist our clients in defining a comprehensive cyber security strategy that helps them in keeping their customers’ data safe. We also help them understand the intricacies and need of staying compliant to various security-related certifications such as PCI DSS, IS-RA, and GDPR. To ensure that these services are delivered at par to the clients’ expectations, we have our in-house team of expert professionals who make sure that the quality of our services is not compromised at any level.

PCI DSS Compliance and Certification

We help corporations to be future-ready with requisite compliances like PCI DSS Certification. With our help companies can achieve comprehensive security related to credit card details. By ensuring complete safety of payment details which includes card expiry date and holder’s name, companies can avoid fines imposed by varied security agencies.
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Information Security Risk Assessment

Through Information Security Risk Assessment we help organizations avoid impending dooms. We help enterprises devise a security management system that is effective and efficient by studying their existing information system. A security management system that is specifically built for their organization will safeguard all information and paradigms from external attacks.
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Standard Compliance Consulting

We assist companies with the varied compliances, which includes ISO 27001, GLBA, HIPAA, DPA and FISMA. We understand that varied enterprises have varied compliance needs hence we offer an array of compliance services. Such compliances help businesses avoid fines and also safeguards data against theft and unauthorized access while keeping their employees trained.
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General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

GDPR applies to every corporation that deals in Europe or with European Data. We at MattsenKumar Cyber Services understand how difficult it can be to grow a business while complying with the varied standards. We offer GDPR Compliance services that help businesses safeguard data and privacy of EU Citizens. GDPR Compliance will help organizations conceal web data, IP addresses, and health data.
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Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

We assist corporations to find existing loopholes in their systems by attacking them in real-time. Such Vulnerability and Penetration Testing helps in identifying attack routes and then concealing them. Our team of experts will devise a methodical plan to find out the security loopholes in your network or applications and thereby provide you an approach to risk management. This helps in validating your existing security infrastructure and policies.
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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting

MattsenKumar Cyber Services helps corporations acquire the Business Continuity Planning that ensures the business process continues even when under-attack. The expert team helps organizations with Data Recovery in case of disasters ensuring the continuity of varied business functionalities. BCP/DR Consulting lays out a well-defined roadmap to be followed in case of disasters and mishaps.
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