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Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Consulting

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Consulting

In the current era of digitization and interdependence, every organization understands the criticality of the occurrence of adverse events that can disrupt their operations. With the latest statistics putting the costs of a data breach at around $150 million, one can understand the impact of such adverse events for organizations. This makes it inevitable for enterprises to stay prepared for adverse events in case of their occurrence.

A business continuity planning exercise can help business entities to become resilient to every adverse event or incident that has the potential to disrupt their operations. It will help with the identification, preparation and prevention of incidents, ensuring seamless operations for the business. Disaster recovery is a subset of  BCP exercise which focuses on restoring the business functioning from infrastructure and IT operations perspective.

Our team specializes in conducting assessments and designing BCP programs and DR plans for organizations that want safeguarding from adverse events. We work with enterprises to understand their most critical processes and elements, prioritize their protection while identifying the potential threats for them. Our DR plans are designed with the objective of minimizing both the cost incurred and the time to revive the operations.


BCP & DR Consulting – Our Approach

Our team initiates each BCP & DR project with an understanding of the client’s organization, the business impact of adverse events and their current response readiness. Once these are assessed, they move on to identifying and prioritizing the critical areas which have the maximum impact on the business. A resiliency strategy is built which helps in faster recovery in case of any negative events and once testing is completed, it is rolled out. Our team helps clients with execution and constant monitoring of the strategy while ensuring compliance with the right regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Working With Us

Cross-industry Experience

Our team has worked with numerous leading organizations across industries and helped them build their resiliency towards negative events.

Proven Methodologies

We have developed methodologies that have proved its mettle after having delivered successful projects for our clients.

Persistent Client Focus

Our key differentiator is our relentless focus on our clients and their business objectives. This helps us design the right solutions for them.

Impeccable Delivery

Our team is successful in delivering all our projects exceeding client expectations at every instance so far.

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