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Vulnerability & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

IBM reports that the average time to identify a data breach in 2019 was around 206 days which is an alarming statistic for every organization. With the number of data breaches increasing at alarming rates, no organization can afford not to improve their information security. It is also observed that every business entity is not only exposed to external threats but also internal threats are posing serious questions to every IT Head or CISO today.

Finding vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your networked environment is critical for building a solid security framework for your organization. Our team helps you conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for rectifying the possible loopholes in your network. We help you safeguard your critical IT assets and other components so that your organization can be immune to various cyber-attacks. Our projects start with understanding the scope followed by the identification of vulnerabilities and ends with an elaborate action plan to mitigate the risks associated with the gaps identified.


Salient Features of Our Assessment & Testing Programs

Our team has developed our unique approach for conducting Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing programs. We leverage various cutting-edge technologies to scan your networks for hidden vulnerabilities and devise a framework for mitigation. Our penetration testing capabilities cover networks, web and mobile applications and make them robust against possible cyber threats.

Benefits of Working With Us

InfoSec Acumen

Our team is comprised of experts who have established information security frameworks for organizations across industries.

Excellent Track Record

Our team has successfully delivered VAPT projects for several organizations of varied sizes and industries.

Strategic Execution

Our execution is solely based on our client’s security needs and organizational goals as we help them set up the right controls in place.

Robust Methodologies

Our methodologies are built based on our experience of conducting vulnerability assessments and pen tests for specific security challenges.

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