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How, What, and Why of a PCI QSA Company 

Posted by: MK CS Team
Category: PCI DSS
PCI QSA Company in India

Industry veterans identify PCI DSS certification as one solution for multiple problems. This unique compliance helps organizations fight threats at varied fronts. The 12 commandments of the PCI Council are inclusive of efforts that reduce the impact of internal sabotage, external attack and also minimize the impact of the disaster.

By isolating servers from the reach of unauthorized personnel, PCI QSA companies in India are ushering companies into an era of safe practices. Limited access to the server that contains cardholders’ data guarantees a reduction in data theft. 

PCI QSA companies in India have an instrumental role to play in shaping a secure future. QSA companies help enterprises establish boundaries that restrict external as well as internal users from accessing resources that include sensitive information. All such steps are focused on curbing data breaches and the use of cardholders’ data for the personal benefit of hackers. 

Why Companies in India need PCI QSA?

Qualified security assessor is individual or agencies that help companies prepare for PCI DSS certification. To get PCI DSS Certified, companies in India and from other countries are required to fulfill a set of 12 commandments. These commandments generally include of server-isolation, the establishment of a system that reduces unauthorized access, and constant tech upgrades. 

It is tough for companies in India to get PCI certification without a PCI QSA. These industry experts leverage their experience and available resources to help companies take a step towards a safer tomorrow. With quality support at affordable prices from PCI QSA company in India, organizations can furnish requirements of the compliance, which enables them to collect, store and process cardholders’ data.

The role of PCI QSA does not end with companies getting certified, these professionals help companies maintain their compliance and run safety audits every quarter. PCI council keeps introducing new norms and releases updates in sync with the evolving technology. To ensure that organizations are functioning within the safety blanket established by the council that includes players like VISA, and MasterCard, quality security assessors conduct audits and suggest changes. 

How Lack of PCI QSA Impacts Companies?

With a huge percentage of businesses going online, the number of companies seeking the help of PCI QSA is increasing and so is the pricing. To save funds, which can be used to grow businesses, organizations are ditching PCI QSA in India to go ahead on their own. Lack of a qualified security assessor is leading to compliance failure. A good number of companies are failing to fulfill PCI requirements just because they decided to go on their own.

The norms of compliances are written in a technical language and involves varied nuanced applications. A qualified security assessor company in India helps digital platforms get compliant by catering to all the demands of the PCI Council. Ignoring them often leads to compliance failure, which affects brand reputation, customer trust and brings a bad name too. 

If a company fails compliance audit just because they didn’t seek help from PCI QSA Company in India will 

  • Have to pay a fine to PCI Council ranging between $5000-$100,000
  • Have to lose customer’s trust and loyalty
  • Lose brand reputation built over years and lose third-party collaborators
  • Lose a huge percentage market share in their respective industry

Key Roles A PCI QSA Company Plays 

PCI QSA companies in India are offering a quality support to organizations that are willing to receive payment online without violating the norms of respective councils. With affordable certification services, e-businesses can gain a competitive advantage over their contemporaries and command a loyal audience base.

Customers are constantly educating themselves and are taking the necessary steps to keep themselves safe when shopping online. With customers willing to only collaborate with businesses that equally value the safety of sensitive information, PCI certification is becoming a compulsion for all e-business. With a reputed PCI QSA service provider, e-businesses can ensure that all their customer information is safe and untouched from unauthorized personnel.

Some of the key roles a PCI Qualified Security Assessor Undertakes are

Gap Assessment: Qualified security assessor service providers run gap assessments to understand the state of the contemporary IT infrastructure. The gap assessment is a formal report that provides insight into steps required to enable easier certification.

The assessment by a qualified security assessor in India ensures that all loopholes are identified and document. Later, these loopholes are worked upon following the norms of the PCI council. 

Improvise: The concerned PCI QSA company will take the necessary steps to ensure that the infrastructure is in sync with the demands of the respective council. Improvisation can involve the change or upgrade of software and hardware. Often new security features are added and even minute devices like routers are upgraded. With an experience QSA company in India, e-businesses can ensure that all their software packages and hardware are up-to-date and in sync with the norms of certification. 

Reassessment: QSA companies leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all the requirements are fulfilled. Their paradigm involves multiple retesting and assessments. Through multiple assessments, professionals identify the remaining challenges and remove them one by one. 

This is an integral step because it helps QSA companies in India check whether they are heading in the right direction or not. Any fault identified in this step can be instantly corrected ensuring a step towards overall compliance with PCI norms. 

Vulnerability Scan: Once all the changes, audits and re-assessments are done, QSAs take the professional route and run a vulnerability scan similar to standards of PCI DSS. By running a high-quality scan, the QSAs ensure that the network is secure against all kinds of attacks from inside as well as outside.

How to Select the Right PCI QSA Company in India?

Selecting the right PCI QSA company in India needs some research. Well, one can always refer to PCI Council’s website for identifying companies that offer qualified security assessment services in India. Often this PCI QSA are very popular and command genuine respect in the industry.

A PCI QSA that offers affordable services needs to be that good. Often industry experts work with a willingness to help others hence they keep prices low. The true identity of a true professional is how they manage their own business. Any PCI QSA company in India that has successfully fulfilled PCI norms for several successive years is a good fit.

Here’s a checklist that will help businesses identify and hire the right Qualified Security Assessor: 

  • Check whether he or she is qualified by PCI DSS Council or not. Check it here.
  • Identify whether they are affiliated with an organization that has been PCI DSS Compliant for at least 1-3 years.
  • Hire a QSA, which belongs to an organization that offers comprehensive cybersecurity services, because to get PCI DSS Compliant, you will have to invest in firewalls and other tools.
  • Ensure that the company guarantees PCI DSS Certification before getting in a deal. Such guarantees ensure that QSAs will reveal every loophole and help you cover them at all costs.

Final Thoughts on PCI QSA Company in India

Fitting the right fit when it comes to PCI QSA company is necessary because they end up offering multiple services. To run an e-business effectively requires investment at varied fronts, organizations will be required to have MSSP and also train their employees in secure coding practices.

A PCI QSA company in India offering all these services is likely to be the best fit for all e-businesses. Affordable services found under one umbrella allows digital businesses to gain momentum and spend less time haunting the right business partner. 

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