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Managed Security Services- 10 Amazing Benefits for Your Organization

Posted by: MK CS Team
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managed security services

The contemporary world has battled the impact of COVID-19 and increased cyberattacks quite immaculately. Going forward the challenges are going to increase by folds but the resources will remain the same. Understanding the growth of challenge and meager availability of resources, industry veterans started offering a valuable service termed as Managed Security Services and it has changed the way organizations safeguard themselves.

Be it protecting IT infrastructure or ensuring round the clock scrutiny of customer’s data, managed security services is now the preferred mode. On the contrary, managed security service providers are constantly upgrading themselves to ensure that the best protection is offered. Often MSSPs are PCI QSA and veterans with a decorated history of battling challenges in real-time.

10 Amazing Benefits for your Organization Managed Security Services Provides

Before we get into the benefits and make managed security services seem like the best option out there, we need to understand what makes it so effective. Managed security service providers’ work in collaboration with security operation centers. These SOCs are monitored and run by industry experts, they are constantly running diagnosis for existing and new threats.

Since MSSPs rely on a network of security operation centers, it gets tough for new or existing threats to manifest into something tangible. Security operation centers are often connected and are constantly ensuring that all rules of encryption and decryption are being followed.

Unparalleled Security: Connected SOCs are going to surpass the security standards of those provided by individual organizations. Managed security services became popular for their effectiveness when compared to individual experts. By investing in managed security services, organizations can ensure that they are protected against existing as well as growing threats.

Lack of such robust security can put organizations at risk that can induce irreparable damages. With MSSP, organizations are sure that their IT infrastructure and customer data are untouched. 

Assured Complacency with Compliances: Since managed security service providers are continuously looking for errors that can be used by hackers to enter the system, it gets easier for organizations to abide by the rules of compliances. There are certifications like HIPAA and PCI DSS, that want organizations to abide by varied guidelines. 

On an individual basis, it is tough for organizations to ensure that they are compliant with all the norms—PCI DSS alone has 12 norms—at all times. With MSSPs continuously looking over the asset, it gets easier to identify faults and correct them.

Round the Clock Scrutiny: Round the clock scrutiny is different from offering unparalleled security. With the latter, MSSPs are ensuring all firewalls are active but with round-the-clock scrutiny, MSSPs are looking to handle threats that can generate internally or externally. Round the clock, monitoring protects against ransomware attacks that lock the system and makes all processes useless.

Protects Against Emerging Threats: As mentioned earlier, MSSPs operate with globally connected security operation centers, which makes it easier for organizations to remain protected from emerging threats.

As soon as a SOC identifies a new threat, it will release a warning on the network, informing every SOC about the threat. The sharing mechanism makes it easier to identify remedies that work perfectly for a particular threat. Since the nature of all threats varies, having multiple experts on the network helps in reducing the impact as soon as possible. 

Incomparable Protection at Affordable Prices: The average cost of a data breach touched the $3.9 million mark in 2020. In coming times, the impact of breaches will only increase hence it makes sense to invest in robust infrastructure and quality services.

MSSPs organizations have multiple industry leaders protecting their assets for the price of one. Since not all cybersecurity experts are proficient to handle all kinds of threats, businesses often need to have multiple resources but MSSP teams consist of experts from all fields, which makes security robust. With MSSPs, organizations can pay very less and save themselves millions of dollars.

Takedown DDoS Attacks: DDoS attacks start with heavy traffic coming from a single source but organizations do not catch it until the traffic is huge. Once the traffic reaches the humongous level, it gets difficult for organizations to stop it.

Experts from managed security service providers continuously monitor these traffic sources and raise alarms as soon as they suspect sources. Once suspected sources are identified, they are blocked instantly, which stops the fake traffic and allows the real customers to access the product or service. 

By avoiding DDoS attacks in the initial stage, MSSPs ensure that organizations continue to serve their customers without any hindrance. It saves cost, helps brands maintain their reputation, and avoids collateral damages.

Makes Third-Party Integration Easy: All online-based businesses are now collaborating through API integration. To facilitate such integrations, IT experts go through a rigorous process, they first understand the concerned party’s infrastructure, and then they learn about their compliances. With Managed Security Services that are already overlooking Compliances and security challenges, organizations can identify the right partner and see if they are working with MSSPs.

Collaborating with third-parties that have the same MSSP will make the entire process stress-free and fast. MSSPs can also assist other organizations to get under the same safety blanket before getting into collaborations.

Conducts Rigorous VAPT: Security operation centers that consists of varied industry veterans are known for conducting robust VAPT at regular interval. Their vulnerability assessment and penetration testing focuses on identifying weak points that can be used by hackers for personal gains.

The rigorous VAPT regime not only ensures that entry points are secure but also sends a strong message among hackers. Such services also promote the organization’s brand and make it easier for customers to trust it.

Kills Internal Attempts of Sabotage: All that compliance check and rigorous VAPT when mixed forms a lethal wall that is tough to breach. Anytime an internal resource tries to access data illicitly, they break the norms of compliances like PCI DSS, which is easily caught by MSSPs since they are constantly safeguarding the norms of compliances. 

MSSPs ensure that all data sent over a network are encrypted and locked with a key as recommended by the PCI DSS council. Every-time an internal resource tries to launch an attack or try to steal data without using the authorized credential, it gets recorded, which is caught by round a clock scrutiny team. 

Supports Growth and Scalability: One of the most overlooked benefits of Managed Security Service is the support it provides during scaling of processes. Often organizations fail to maintain a BCP that supports scaling but with MSSPs taking care of the security of the existing processes, key stakeholders can focus on scaling instead of protecting the existing customer base.

By outsourcing the most important aspect of cybersecurity that includes compliance management, attack minimization, and brand reputation management, stakeholders are free to explore undiscovered territories and achieve incomparable growth. 

Final Thoughts

The changing landscape of the digital world requires industry experts to change the way they impart security. To have a customer’s confidence intact in your business, you will have to collaborate with someone that has an indestructible reputation and achieve the best protection against existing and growing challenges. 

Managed security services are changing the landscape for ensuring compliance, data safety, and ransomware attacks. More and more Fortune 500 companies are now eyeing MSSPs as the preferred alliance for data management and protection. 

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