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The Importance of VAPT in An Organization’s Overall Security

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An ideal IT environment is made up of state-of-the-art hardware working under a safer blanket provided built by requisite compliances. Fulfilling compliance requirements and adhering to secure coding practices allows corporations to avoid all kinds of breaches and hacks. 

A vulnerability assessment that traverses the entire IT infrastructure and assesses the compliance level of third party integrations helps in avoiding upcoming challenges and threats. By conducting VAPT incessantly, stakeholders can be sure that the data of customers is protected and safe from all kinds of unauthorized access.

Are Certifications Different from VAPT?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is different from compliances. While certifications are acquired to boost customer confidence and avoid hefty fines, VAPT is conducted to render all harmful elements and loopholes redundant. By investing in vulnerability assessment, stakeholders can develop an understanding of potential challenges and then take measures to get over them.

It is commonly believed that getting PCI DSS or HIPAA compliant is enough and it covers the processes involved in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Well, one nuanced look at the 12 requirements of PCI DSS Compliance and you can see that there’s no mention of discovering or exploiting loopholes.

Vulnerability assessment exploits all kinds of loopholes and misconfigurations to measure the damage an error can lead to. Conducting VAPT on a regular interval is necessary because infrastructure changes and API integrations leave behind routes that are tough to catch manually. 

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When Should One Conduct Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing? 

The very definition of VAPT gives away all the requisite information related to it. In layman’s language, VAPT is defined as a practice of sanitizing IT infrastructure after major overhauls or mass scaling of the digital asset. 

Cybersecurity experts suggest organizations to conduct vulnerability assessment every time

  • They move from one platform to another, it can be an operating system or hardware changes
  • There’s a data breach in subsidiaries or parent companies.
  • An employee who had asked to major data asset leaves under grim circumstances
  • News of data breaches and hacks from industry starts coming
  • Mass hiring or firing is done
  • New API integration or data server movements are done

Well, the list of reasons and events to conduct a vulnerability assessment is never-ending. Organizations will have to conduct such testing on a custom basis and following practices relevant to their industry. For e-commerce players, every time a third-party (BPO) makes an exist, for Fintech every time a KYC management organization leaves the platform and for EdTech platforms, every time a major University cancels its API Integration contract. 

What is the Place of VAPT in an Organization’s Security Plan?

Well, every nascent cybersecurity professional believes “fulfilling compliances and installing a firewall is enough to protect data from unauthorized access”. Little do these beginners know that compliances are just certificates, which ensures that organizations are following safer practices and not provide real-time protection against data breaches?

To ensure that data centers are protected round the corner, enterprises need to have a team looking after all kinds of existing and potential threats round the clock. Apart from the robust security that monitors threat round the clock, businesses need to conduct tests to ensure that all attempts of internal sabotage, credential stuffing, or phishing are identified and diminished in its initial stage. 

In a Secure IT environment, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration lies at the helm because:

1. It is a Proactive Way of Ensuring Data Safety 

With vulnerability assessment, enterprises can always be a step ahead of hackers. Thieves are always looking for opportunities like

  • Compliance failure
  • Server misconfiguration
  • Uncovered routes
  • Missing encryption

With VAPT, one can catch all these mishaps in their primary stage and take requisite measures to cover them hence protecting from all kinds of challenges and threats. While compliances help businesses with customer confidence and evade fines, VAPT can help them achieve an incomparable status of being invincible. 

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2. It Alerts About Upcoming Compliance Failures

Almost 65% of organizations fail to fulfill their compliances year after year and this coaxes them into paying hefty fines or ransom to hackers. When enterprises conduct a vulnerability assessment regularly, all such obscurities are identified before it turns into an unbearable fine.

Such assessments not only highlight the upcoming renewal dates but also helps the IT team upgrade infrastructure following the latest software or hardware recommendations. 

For example, the PCI Council recently released a new set of norms related to NFC devices. The council made it compulsory for every liable entity to make requisite changes in its hardware. Such announcements often go unnoticed and later organizations are levied with heavy fines. With regular penetration testing, enterprises can identify such changes and make requisite arrangements. 

3. Exposes Threats Due to Third-Party Integrations

An extensive vulnerability assessment will not only traverse the existing IT infrastructure looking for loopholes and uncovered routes but will assess all the API users too. An assessment of third-party integration generally looks at:

  • Their compliance dates of all existing partners
  • Compliance level to ensure that they are dragged into the game of heavy fines
  • The encryption that establishes a link between the enterprise and third-party entities

Such extensive assessments help both the main organization as well as all the related entities that provide the much-needed back-office support. The assessment will highlight all changes that the third-party entities need to make at their end to be in a safe relationship with the primary business.

Such tests are very important in the case of SaaS, E-commerce, Fintech, and Plugin based businesses. One wrong configuration and third-parties can impact main organizations too and we must not forget that the average cost of a data breach in 2020 is around $3.9 million.

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4. Protects Against All Kinds of Internal Threats

Various studies have shown that over 90% of hacking or breach incidents occur due to internal mistakes. In recent, some of the biggest breaches were caused due to 

  • Attempts of internal sabotage
  • Server misconfiguration 
  • Lack of robustness towards employee onboarding and removal

With vulnerability assessment and penetration testing conducted regularly, businesses can put all these worries to rest. These extensive assessments look at the logs, behavior, data history, employee history, and misuse of the access to server rooms to identify threats or potential challenges.

The detailed report highlights all the activities that an organization needs to take to move ahead of challenges and build a secure IT environment. 

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Final Thoughts

The increased number of online transactions, COVID impact on the job market, and jump in several platform-based services have got hackers all excited. In the coming times, hackers from around the world will be launching an exhaustive attack on the global network of digital businesses.

While hackers will attempt to breach every server but they will succeed with organizations that have not furnished compliance requirements and abided by the laws of secure coding practices.

VAPT will work as an additional level of protection and safeguard enterprises from any kind of data breach or server hacking. Extensive assessment will identify and render all challenges and threats redundant before it materializes into something very impactful.

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