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Top VAPT Tools for Enhanced Cyber Security

Posted by: MK CS Team
Category: Vulnerability Assessment

In 2017, Firebase’s database had over 2000 misconfigurations that led to the exposure of 113 GB of data. Following the debacle, over 2.7 million apps were scanned for misconfiguration. A few missed placed attributes led to a loss of billion dollars and had common people suffering.

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are not the only threats enterprises today are surrounded by. Heavy reliance on technology with less awareness among users and employees is also leading to obstructions. Internal sabotage is one of the most common reasons businesses undergo data-breaches and cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability Assessment is a systematic study of vulnerabilities in the computer network, hardware, and the overall IT ecosystem. By traversing every network, system, hardware, and application, vulnerabilities are discovered and reported to the CTO or CISO.

The scrutiny helps stakeholders and executives take stock of current security measurements. The meticulous process of studying infrastructure reveals multiple opportunities and loopholes.

How does Vulnerability Assessment work?

A vulnerability assessment is carried out through penetration testing. Here’s what vulnerability assessment consists of:

  • Identify design flaws, database error, and misconfigurations in systems that can offer hackers a way into the system
  • Documenting all the findings and everything related to all errors and all changes made in the system
  • Help the engineers, designers and system configurators understand the system and incorporate the changes suggested by penetration testing

Top Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Tools

1. Wireshark

A leading VAPT tool formerly known as Ethereal, Wireshark is every enterprise’s trusted solution for finding and fixing faults in their databases. Wireshark analyzes network for faults and misconfigurations in real-time. The tool specializes in sniffing misconfigurations, attempts of internal sabotage through weak security and issues with packet data.

The tool investigates every data packet looking for a configuration that could compromise with the security. Such scrutiny simplifies the detection of vulnerabilities and shortcomings.

2. Netstumbler

Designed for Windows, this VAPT tool is preferred by thousands of cyber-security experts from around the world. Netstumbler specializes in identifying open ports on a network. Open ports on a network are a welcome sign for hackers, which can be identified and concealed with the help of Netstumbler. This automated tool simplifies the task of Vulnerability Assessment and allows businesses with a window to safeguard themselves before getting noticed by hackers or fraudsters.

The tool relies on WAP seeking approach, which exposes every open port on the network. Once identified these ports can be closed and systems can be saved from external damages.

3. KisMAC

A MAC OS specialist, KisMAC ensures a hundred percent security for organizations that function on MAC operating system. The tool is packed with multiple cybersecurity tools that look for errors, shortcomings, and misconfigurations and allow organizations to conceal them at the earliest.

Brute force attack and exploiting flaws are the two penetration testing that KisMAC uses to test databases and discover loopholes. Once deployed this tool can be configured to identify and remove shortcomings that could lead to bigger breaches and hacks.

4. Netsparker Security Scanner

One of the most preferred vulnerability assessments and penetration testing tools, Netsparker relies on cloud network for offering protection against threats in real-time. Netsparker’s capability to function on cloud and identifying threats in real-time has made it the most powerful VAPT tool on the block. Available for both Windows and MAC OS, this tool can identify misconfigurations in the database and open ports on the network within minutes.

The tool can be easily installed on systems or can be accessed as Software as a Service, which makes it easier for businesses to achieve 100% safety against all kinds of threats.

5. John The Ripper

Available for free, open-source, and available for multiple operating systems like UNIX, Windows, MAC OS, and OpenVMS. John the Ripper has password cracker and hash type detector tools that test databases for errors and vulnerabilities.

With the help of John the Ripper, organizations can easily identify errors that could lead to an impulsive impact on the databases. John the Ripper is one of the most trusted and easily available VAPT tools that cater to businesses of all sizes in multiple capacities.

How customized VAPT Solution can help organizations avail better Security?

The problem with popular tools available in the market is that they are available for hackers too. In an attempt to understand these tools, hackers have acquired access to these tools by paying the requisite subscription fee.

To achieve the best security by rendering all loopholes and open networks obsolete, organizations can easily avail the best of security against data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Here are some benefits of getting in consultation with a cyber-security expert for better security:

A customized security wall: Businesses can share their personalized request with cybersecurity experts and get a system developed that protects against all existing and growing threats. The impact of such a personalized and customized security wall reflects in form of minimized external attacks and internal sabotages.

Security backed by Industry Experts: Cybersecurity experts with cumulative experience of 50 years can help businesses develop a paradigm that stands tall against all kinds of internal and external threats. Industry experts levy their expertise to help businesses built a system that is prepared for all existing and upcoming threats.

Affordable Security against Increasing Threat: All these automated VAPT tools are expensive and require time to time upgrade. Missing one upgrade can lead to errors in platform or misconfiguration in a database that will impact the overall business and reduce them to dust.

Customized solutions are affordable because of the last long. Hackers need to spend multiple hours trying to decipher the configurations only to realize that these firewalls are impregnable. Multiple paradigms are used to create one secure wall that is based on the inputs garnered from vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Final Thoughts

In the age of ever-increasing threat and diminishing reliance on the automated tool, businesses need to rely on industry leaders who can help them get to the base without getting infected by the virus in the ocean.

MK Cyber Services is one partner that is willing to help businesses achieve robust cybersecurity by identifying all vulnerabilities and removing them instantly. Reach out to us for better compliance, highly effective protection against the growing threat and secure management of all databases.


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